„may I introduce“ – Slipstream Longboards (se)

skating through Gothenburg

I guess most of you guys know Sweden because of Ikea, reindeer or Zlatan Ibrahimovic – but you are wrong! Sweden has also a well know longboard scene. On one hand there are a lot of great Skaters like IDF Champion 2013 Adam Persson and on the other hand there are a lot of great manufacturers.

In this round of introductions, we want to introduce to you to some international manufactures ass well. First will be the Swedish Brand called Slipstream. They are based in Gothenburg, where the office and the warehouse is located. The designs and shapes for the boards are also developed there. On the other hand the production of the boards is run in Taiwan. a part of the Slipstream QuiverSince the year 2002 Slipstream is making boards and developing new ones nearly every year together with their team. Actually they have a quiver consisting of 16 different board variations. “cruising, freeride, freestyle, downhill – you name it, we got it!”

Inspiration and Development

Talking about shapes and boards, inspiration is one thing to talk about. Slipstream is inspired by all kind of manufactures those work their asses of hardly and try to give back something to the community. Also inspiring are those who push the limits to the next level and overtake the boundaries. When it comes to Inspiration, Slipstream often uses the word coopetition. “Even though we in some instances might be viewed as competitors, we believe that the best way to work is by cooperation and helping each other build the scene.”

Available in Europe

Slipstream team rider Henning on a toeside slide at Slipstream head quarters.Slipstream works really tight together with their dealers and distributions, because for them a good relationship is one of the important things to have success. The boards are available in different countries in Europe. (for more information check their website) If their shouldn’t be a retailer around for somebody how wants to shred a Slipstream, just check their shop feature on their website. (boards are shipped to different countries)

Just say Hello

This is not San Francisco !!Slipstream is all around in Sweden arranging, sponsoring and helping out on demos where people can borrow their boards for some test runs. So they try also to get more people into the scene of skating. “We think that the line between traditional street skateboarding and longboarding will be smudged. In time everything will hopefully melt together completely!” Besides arranging downhill races and slide jams, there is also a get together in their hometown Gothenburg where different people meet up and everybody is welcome. This “event” is completely independent, but Slipstream is all around and helping out whereever they can. So if you are somewhere around in Sweden, go see the guys and don’t hesitate to say hello – “We really love that!”


Thanks for the pictures © Slipstream Longboards
Markus Knoblechner

Er fotgrafiert, er schreibt, er skatet - am liebsten verbindet er alles miteinander. Die Rede ist von Markus Knoblechner, 26 Jahre und aus Salzburg, Sportjournalist Student, seit 2011 am Rollbrett unterwegs und seit 2013 sucht er den Kick beim Freeriden und Downhill. Neben rolligebrettl arbeitet und bastelt er an seinem eigenen Salzburger Longboard Blog und widmet seiner Zeit der Aktionsportfotographie. Ein cooler Typ, der vor Motivation nur so sprüht, wir freuen uns daher Markus mit an Board zu haben.