„May I introduce“ – Woodnote Longboards (Be)

„We have a government approved logo for being handmade in our country – we don’t use any automated producing methods for our boards!“

Last year I have been to one of my greatest freeride experiences of all time, the KnK in Osilnica/Slovenia. There have been so many different people from all over the world, and I can remember one of them especially. Teamrider Jasper at KnK 2013Jasper from Belgium was riding a very interesting shape and so I talked with him about it – Woodnote, a handcrafted longboard, the Proto for 2013.

This is Woodnote

Now I have the opportunity to introduce you to Woodnote. Jeroen Wullems (owner) and Daan Gykiere (promotion/marketing) are the people behind the handcrafting longboard manufacturer from Belgium. Since four years they are producing boards, “Longboarding is awesome and we wanted to participate, but it was very expensive for us. So we began to make our own boards, it’s much cheaper that way.”

They two remember very good, when everything got started. Their first longboard is hanging around in their workshop and reminds them everyday how far they got. It was a long process with testing protos, new machines and new materials. this is handmade

Nowadays they use berch, glassfibre and epoxy for all their longboards. Recently Woodnote has seven standard shapes in their quiver. For almost every discipline they have a special board, like freeride, downhill, dancing, freestyle and cruising. Only slalom they haven’t tried yet. Due to their special Woodnote handcraft manufacturing they also have the opportunity to shape custom longboards for those riders who want to have some special boards built what they have in mind.

Inspiration from Germany

Woodnote loves to produce new shapes, but a german longboard manufacturer gave them their very first inspiration – Olson & Hekmati. Talking about shaping or skating Jeroen and Dann can’t decide what to choose, “We love to produce and skate, and skate what we produce!” The best thing for handmade longboards is their experimental way how to shape a longboard.

Little Belgium

the bug - freeride/downhillBelgium is not one of the biggest countries in Europe but very nice thinking of good chocolate and a lot of different beers. So is the community, small but very nice. Everybody knows each other and they can often ride together and visit events together. The community gets more and more organized and is also growing. Woodnote has also a very huge part in this situation. They take part in organizing the Belgium downhill skateboard championship in Namur, Biévre. But they want to help the community even more. Woodnote is planning “shape your longboard workshops”, freerides and cruise sessions.

2014 is going to be a big year for Jeroen and Dann, because besides events, we can also look forward to some new experimental Woodnote shaped longboards.


Thank you Woodnote for the pictures!
Markus Knoblechner

Er fotgrafiert, er schreibt, er skatet - am liebsten verbindet er alles miteinander. Die Rede ist von Markus Knoblechner, 26 Jahre und aus Salzburg, Sportjournalist Student, seit 2011 am Rollbrett unterwegs und seit 2013 sucht er den Kick beim Freeriden und Downhill. Neben rolligebrettl arbeitet und bastelt er an seinem eigenen Salzburger Longboard Blog und widmet seiner Zeit der Aktionsportfotographie. Ein cooler Typ, der vor Motivation nur so sprüht, wir freuen uns daher Markus mit an Board zu haben.


  1. Kevin said:

    Sag mal bekommt ihr „The Bug“ mal zum testen ?
    Würde gerne mal näheres zum Brett erfahren, da ich nen neuen Freerider brauche!
    Wäre sehr fresh wenn ihr da was machen könntet! (MACH WAS BJÖRN)


  2. Björn Trakowsky said:

    Hi Kevin,

    wir werden uns an Woodnote wenden und schauen, ob sie uns ein Brettl für ein Longboard Review zu Verfügung stellen.

    Wir halten dich hier auf den Laufenden.